Meghan Markle Used a Secret Code Word for Prince Harry Before She Could Openly Talk About Him

meghan markle prince harry
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Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry when she was in the midst of filming Suits. But because of Harry's Royal status and in the interest of keeping their early romance under wraps, Meghan couldn't shout the news from the rooftops. However, she did share some details with one of her co-stars, who has revealed the secret code word that Meghan had for Harry

  • Meghan's TV dad was one of the only people to know about Harry.

    wendell pierce
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    It was Wendell Pierce, the man who played Meghan's dad on Suits, who knew the most. Recently, Pierce was on Harry Connick Jr.'s talk show and he spilled the beans on what word Meghan used instead of Harry. 

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  • The code word was adorable but fairly obvious.

    meghan markle
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    Ready for the code word? Think of this as a whisper: The code word was "London."

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  • London sure is a great catch!

    meghan markle prince harry
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    Pierce said, “We always talked about [Harry] in code, really. You know, ‘How you doing?,’ ‘Oh, I’m going to London, coming from London,’ whatever.”  

    We can just imagine Meghan saying this to her TV dad with a little wink and twinkle in her eye. 

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  • And the sentiment is really all about love.

    meghan markle prince harry
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    Still, we're a little surprised it wasn't something a bit more ... exciting. Mr. London? The Accented One? Come to think of it, maybe just London was the best way to go. 

    What's really sweet is that Pierce also talked about the bond he has with the princess-to-be. “I had a really wonderful moment as we were coming to an end of her time on the show. It was just she and I in the room and I said, ‘I know your life is going to change but always know, no matter where you are, I will always be your loving fake father.’”  

    We hope he gets an invite to the wedding!