Kate Middleton Has an Old-School Secret for Keeping Her Updos in Place

kate middleton
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Whether she's wearing her hair loose and long or in a sleek updo, Kate Middleton's tresses are always on point. Sure, she has a team of hairstylists (who use 13 different brushes on her hair!), but the duchess also has a super simple, kind of weird trick for keeping her updos in place: Kate wears hairnets

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  • After the duchess's hair stayed perfectly in tact throughout her recent tour or Sweden and Norway, people grew suspicious -- and lo and behold, there's a hairnet behind most of her updos.

    Kate's hairnet trick was first noticed in 2016 during Royal Ascot. 

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  • While wearing a hairnet seems a little ... outdated, it's actually a pretty good way to keep updos in place.

    The duchess is always sure to use a dark brown one, to make things less obvious.

  • Hairnets may give off major grandma vibes to some, but hey -- if Kate Middleton, Queen of Gorgeous Hair, is into it, so are we.

    Hairnets, here we come!