Jessa Duggar Gets Called Out for Letting Baby Henry Play Too Close to the Fireplace


Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is pretty much getting blasted every day now for how she's raising her two sons, Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1. This time, it was a video the Counting On star posted, in which she was showing off Spurgie's "amazing" counting skills. 

  • Jessa posted the video of her and Spurgeon reading a toddler-appropriate book together, and the funny way he was reacting to it.

    She added the caption, "Haha! This kid cracks me up ... I didn’t realize what he was saying at first, but then I figured it out. Every time I turned a page, he’d call out whatever the picture was, followed by 'AMAZING!'"

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    But it wasn't Spurgeon that people had the problem with this time -- it was Henry, who wasn't even featured in the video. Nope, the baby was just in the background, yet somehow, he stole the show. 

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  • As some fans pointed out, when Jessa was busy reading with Spurgeon, Henry was toddling in the background -- right on the fireplace hearth!

  • Sure enough -- there's Henry, playing near the fireplace.

    In all fairness though, it's not like there was a fire going at the time, and he is clearly not playing in the fireplace, just in front of it. It's hard to tell if there is glass protecting it as well, but we kind of doubt that Ben and Jessa just let their kids crawl around in the hearth. 

  • At least one fan pointed out that no matter what you do as a parent, you can't always protect your kids.

    They're going to get some bumps and bruises along the way as they master coordination while exploring their worlds. Even if Henry did fall and bonk his noggin on the mantel, it could've just as easily been the coffee table, door frame, side of his crib, or heck, even his own brother. 

    We're just saying that we'll worry about the Seewald kids playing near the fireplace when there's an actual fire going and they're seriously at risk of burning themselves.