Joy-Anna Duggar's Husband Associated With Child Abuse Scandal


You'd think that anyone associated with the Duggar family would try to stay as far away as possible from any and all abuse scandals. The Forsyths apparently didn't get the message though, and now Austin's parents have invited controversial parenting "experts" Michael and Debi Pearl to speak at their Fort Rock Family Camp and Retreat Center.

  • Austin's parents own and operate the camp, and it's suspected that he and Joy have worked at the camp as well.

    According to the camp's website, they're hosting two upcoming retreats featuring the Pearls, who have been associated with several cases of child abuse, including many that have resulted in death. 

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    The Pearls are the authors of the self-published book To Train Up a Child, which many parenting experts believe promotes child abuse. 

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  • At least three cases of child abuse resulting in death have been linked to the Pearls' book.

    Even Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have reportedly scrubbed all references to the Pearls from their social media, refusing to be associated with them any longer after the incredibly negative media attention. Yet the Forsyths are actively promoting this couple and their horrific parenting "techniques."

    For example, they encourage parents to "switch" babies younger than 6 months old, encourage toddlers to touch hot stoves so that they "learn" better, and encourage pulling a nursing baby's hair if he accidentally nips mama. They also advocate sitting a child being spanked "until he has surrendered," giving upwards of 40 lashes if that's what it takes. 

  • Joy is due any day now with their first child, and we can only hope that she and Austin don't subscribe to this form of "parenting."

    What Michael and Debi Pearl promote isn't parenting at all. It's controlling mind games, manipulation, and just plain old abuse. We can hardly believe that Austin's parents would want the Pearls to come speak at the camp when they have a grandchild on the way. We're all for discipline -- not for beating a child until they are literally "without breath to complain."

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  • Here's to hoping Joy has more sense than her husband's parents.

    Anyone with a lick of sense should run as far as possible in the opposite direction from the Pearls -- not pay them to come share their abusive disciplinary tactics with unsuspecting parents who think they're getting Biblical advice.