Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Accused of Covering Up Secret Birth


She's still pregnant! Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar announced she was pregnant a few months after her May wedding with Austin Forsyth, she's been hounded with shotgun wedding rumors. Critics were convinced that she would've given birth by now, but thanks to a new photo, it looks like Baby Forsyth is still staying put.

  • Austin shared this photo to the couple's joint Instagram account on Thursday night.


    He added the caption, "Hanging with the bros!" in reference to a couple of his Duggar brothers-in-law. But really, we can't take our eyes off Joy! We only wish she was front and center, because she is glowing, and also because we're obsessed with sweet baby bumps. 

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  • Joy got a lot of love in the comments, which must be a welcome change from the usual accusations that she and Austin must've engaged in premarital sex.


    Joy-Anna showed much earlier in her pregnancy than your typical new mom, which sparked a firestorm of speculation that she and Austin got pregnant before their wedding day. Considering that the Duggars aren't even supposed to share a first kiss before being pronounced man and wife at the altar, this would've been quite the scandal. 

  • Of course you know someone had to start a rumor that this is in fact an older pic, and Joy-Anna has already secretly given birth.


    We know that sometimes the truth is stretched a bit for reality TV (like re-shooting important "scenes" that happened when the cameras weren't rolling, creative editing, etc.), but something like covering up the birth of a human being doesn't exactly seem plausible. 

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  • We're just going to go ahead and assume Joy-Anna has a couple of weeks left.


    If people want to think she and Austin got it on a few days before their wedding, more power to them. But given the level of supervision that happens in Duggar courtships, not to mention how exhausting it is to plan their giant weddings, we're just going to assume it's a honeymoon baby. 

    We can't wait to meet him or her!

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