Jessa Duggar Is in Hot Water for Leaving Spurgeon 'Unsupervised'


People have a lot of opinions about the Duggar family, and even more about Jessa Seewald's 2-year-old son Spurgeon. It seems like every time the Counting On star posts something about her firstborn, people race to the comment section to judge her parenting.

  • Jess posted this adorable photo of Spurgeon and Henry sitting side-by-side in shopping carts, and explained why they were out running errands.

    She wrote in the caption, "Out shopping for groceries -- AND - a new phone for Dad, since the 2-year-old did an experiment of sink or swim... in the toilet. It did not swim ... Screen was black. Phone was boiling hot and completely fried." She added, "Ha! Parents can attest, sometimes you gotta laugh so you don’t cry ... Can’t stay mad for more than a sec tho... he’s such a cute little stinker!"

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  • However, some fans were quick to point out that Spurgeon's safety might have been in question.

    Hmm, we thought Jessa made it pretty clear that it was Spurgeon who dropped the phone in the toilet, not baby Henry. There was no indication whatsoever that Henry was unsupervised in the bathroom, and at 2 years old, Spurgeon is past the point of concern about drowning in the toilet. 

  • Not everyone was hating on Jessa though.

    A lot of fans commiserated with the mom of two, and commented that they don't know how she deals with the constant negativity. Really, people, Spurgeon is a toddler. Toddlers are busy. Sometimes things get thrown in the toilet. It happens.

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  • It's hardly the first time Jessa has been criticized for Spurgeon's behavior.

    Jessa's gotten rude comments on everything from her son's bare feet, to the fact that he still drinks a bottle at 2 years old, to his toddler speech, to even how he interacts with his little brother. He's even been called a "brat," just for playing ball with Henry. We can't even with some people.

    How about we worry about something real, instead of made-up grievances about Ben and Jessa's busy boys?