Mama June & Sugar Bear Reach an Agreement About Honey Boo Boo & His New Wife Is Demanding a DNA Test

Sugar Bear and Mama June
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Talk about taking two steps forward to take two steps back! A recent episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot finally showed Mama June and Sugar Bear coming to some arrangement with Honey Boo. And just when you think this family could start picking up the pieces, Sugar Bear's new wife wants a DNA test to prove her man is in fact the 12-year-old's father.

  • Mama June and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson were finally able to come to an agreement about their daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and his communication with her.

    Mama June and Sugar Bear
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    "The goal for today is to make communication between the two of you hopefully improve," Sugar Bear's attorney mentioned to the family during the January 26 From Not to Hot episode, People reports. "The action he's considering would be a legitimation visitation action. Along with that, there would be a child support assessment made."

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    Honey Boo Boo has a strained relationship with Sugar Bear and blames his new spouse for not making things any better. "My current relationship with Sugar Bear is very dull. He'll maybe call me once a week if I'm lucky, but my parents getting along right now is not good," the tween exclusively told In Touch Weekly. "They [Mama June and Sugar Bear] do not get along AT ALL. I feel like they don't co-parent well because of Jennifer."

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  • And just when you think all will be well, Sugar Bear's new wife Jennifer Lamb -- who was present during the mediation -- started having doubts.

    "Is there any concerns that I need to know about that he may not be her biological father? Has there ever been a DNA test done?" Sugar Bear's lawyer asked him and June. 

    "No," the reality mom answered. 

    "I'm confident that she is my daughter. I don't think we gonna need a test for that," added Sugar Bear.

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    Sugar Bear and Jennifer tied the knot in early 2017 after dating a little more than a year. He and June split back in 2014 after many years together.

  • "Alana might be Mike's," Jennifer tells June's sister-in-law Janice. "I know I will love Mike's child just like I love mine, but that lawyer said something that keeps sticking in my mind."

    "If it turns out that Alana's not his, June Shannon will be out of my life forever," Lamb continued during the clip. "And I sure in the hell ain't paying child support for a kid that's not Mike's. When [Mike] was with June, he was working a lot of nights. So I want to do a DNA test."

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    "June lies about everything," she also mentioned during the episode, as reports. "Four babies by four different daddies? It would hurt Mike if he found out Alana was not his. But we need to find out the truth and there's only one way we can do that. June lives in this big house and we're trying to save money for our honeymoon, so why would we have to pay her child support. It just makes no damn sense."

  • With so much drama surrounding this family, one can only hope things will get less complicated for the sake of Honey Boo Boo.

    Honey Boo Boo
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    Because that's who really suffers when everyone doesn't get along.

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  • Check out the "Mama June: From Not to Hot" clip here:

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