Tori Roloff Opened Up About What It's Really Like to Be Married to a Man With Dwarfism

Tori Roloff

Leave it to this Little People, Big World mom to pen a must-read statement and make us teary. Tori Roloff's message about her love for Zach -- regardless of his size -- is such an important reminder about our words and unconditional love.

  • Tori took to Instagram after overhearing another wife expressing her gratitude for marrying a taller man. And boy does it deliver the feels.

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  • "So I was wandering Target ... as I do ... when I heard a man say to his wife 'well at least I'm taller than you,'" the new mom writes. "And the wife responded with 'well I would hope so.'"

    "Some of us just have the idea of beauty and love so backwards," Tori continues in her Instagram post

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    "It doesn't come from outward appearances but rather from inner beauty. I don't love Zach because of how he looks (although he is quite handsome if I do say so myself) but rather what things weigh on his heart. It doesn't matter to me that I'm taller than my husband. Honestly it gives me an excuse to never wear heels. Ever. I can't imagine my life if I had never given my husband a chance because he was shorter than me. Love people because of their minds. Not their bodies."

  • As you can see, Tori's post resonated with her followers, and it only makes us root for her and Zach's happily ever after even more.

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    Zach -- who has achondroplasia, a form dwarfism -- and Tori said "I do" in July 2015, and they share an 8-month-old son named Jackson, who also has achondroplasia. Dealing with bullies while growing up, Zach once told People he feels "people are more open to diversity," and that "nothing will impede Jackson from achieving his dreams."

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  • In such a world that focuses on the superficial, Tori's message is a great reminder to focus on what's in a person's heart, and not just the outward appearance.

    What a beautiful family.