Khloe Kardashian Fires Back at Critic Who Says Stars Should 'Embrace Pregnancy'


Mom-to-be Khloe Kardashian has been catching a lot of flak this past week for the way she's discussing her pregnant body. The Revenge Body star been sharing her insecurities -- like more apparent cellulite -- and making confessions about Googling photos of her "old body." Now, she's fired back at a blogger who tweeted that she wished Khlo and other celebrities would "embrace pregnancy and not worry about their body image."

  • The woman responded to a tweet Khloe posted on Thursday, January 25, reporting that she didn't have stretch marks "so far."

    “Stretch marks are tiger stripes you earn as a mom," the blogger and mom from Florida wrote the reality star. "I wish celebrities would embrace pregnancy and not worry about their body image. Do you want to see what a real body of a mother of four looks like?” 

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  • She also replied to a tweet Khloe shared about cellulite, in which she sarcastically called it "cute, cute!"

    In Carmen's reply, she scolded Khloe, "Embrace it you wanted a baby!" 

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  • After that, the reality star fired off a classy comeback, asserting that she is in fact "enjoying every moment!"

    The first-time expectant celeb makes a truly important point. Not only are all women unique physically, but we also have different ways of seeing ourselves and striving to foster a positive body image at various stages of life. Judging from certain, seemingly body-conscious tweets Khloe's shared recently, maybe she is struggling a bit with embracing certain changes that come with this later stage of pregnancy. It's possible to simultaneously do that and still enjoy the process and continue to strive for self-love and body acceptance. Really, it's all a work in progress. 

  • It's heartening to see that Khloe responded in such a diplomatic and productive way.

    Fingers crossed it spurs conversation around this topic. Moms may have different views on body image during pregnancy, but one thing we can all agree on is that it's a relatable concern -- and all too important to dismiss.