16 Celebrities Who Have Surprising Hidden Talents

Mark Blinch / Reuters / Splash

From being a superb actor to a business-savvy reality star, writing addictive novels to directing award-winning films, folks can achieve fame (or, perhaps even notoriety) in a multitude of ways. But just because celebrities are known for their likely entertainment industry–based skills doesn't mean that many don't also have hidden talents that no one could have guessed from their public resumes.


Hey, people who aren't famous may have a gift for singing and cooking up a storm without the help of Blue Apron. Or are skilled at throwing parties and building furniture. Throughout history, plenty of famous figures have been known to harbor secret talents. 

For instance, Paul Revere -- best known for his Midnight Ride during the American Revolution -- also studied dentistry. Bombshell actress Hedy Lamarr was also a pioneer in the science of wireless communication. So, why wouldn't today's celebs have a few offbeat, unexpected skills up their sleeves? 

There are tons of other famous folk have even made side careers out of their passions -- just take Rihanna and her unexpected beauty industry savvy! To celebrate the many sides of our favorite celebs, we rounded up 16 of them who have a surprising secret talent that may have absolutely nothing to do with their day job of acting, singing, dancing, or any other form of entertaining the masses.

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