Mom Accused of Torturing Her 13 Kids Was 'Obsessed' With Kate Gosselin & People Say That 'Explains a Lot'

Kate Gosselin and Louise Turpin
Derek Storm / Splash News; Inside Edition/Facebook

With more details unfolding about the parents who starved and shackled their 13 children, at this point, there's not much one would expect to hear that's super shocking. And yet, news that Louise Anna Turpin was "obsessed" with Kate Gosselin and her Kate Plus 8 show has left people gagging and completely grossed out.

  • Louise and David Turpin are accused of abusing their 13 kids, ages 2 to 29, which led to their arrest after one escaped and alerted authorities.

    People notes the children were "severely malnourished," with some chained up in the Perris, California, home. And yet, "no one [outside the family] noticed what was happening," prosecutor Michael Hestrin revealed.

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    David and Louise face many charges -- including 12 counts of false imprisonment, 12 counts each of torture, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and six counts of child abuse. David also faces one count of lewd act on a child.

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  • And apparently, Louise had somewhat of a fixation on Kate Gosselin, with dreams of becoming a reality star.

    That is very disturbing.

  • Billy Lambert, Louise's half-brother, is speaking out and claims she bragged about having more children than Kate and dreamed of being on reality television.

    "I believe that my sister wanted a reality show because the very last conversation that I had with her before all this happened, she did actually say that she feels that they would be perfect for TV at one point," Lambert told Inside Edition about his "obsessed" sister.

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    Inside Edition also notes that authorities found many seasons of Kate Plus 8 inside the Turpin home.

  • He alleges David and Louise did what they could to land a reality show deal, including dressing all their children alike while out in public.

  • And the couple shared videos -- like their vow renewal in Las Vegas with the kids -- on social media for all to see.

  • Needless to say, people are beyond disturbed for so many reasons.

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  • And they think Louise makes Kate look like the best mom ever.

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  • It's truly hard to comprehend how vile all of this is.

    Please hug your babies extra tight tonight.

  • Check out Billy's interview with "Inside Edition" here:

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