15 Reasons Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Were Made for Each Other

prince harry
Mark Blinch/Reuters/Splash News

The world was surprised when it was revealed that Prince Harry was dating an American actress named Meghan Markle. (Remember when we didn't know who Meghan Markle was?!) But now that the pair are a bona fide couple, it's impossible to imagine them not as a couple. In fact, after getting to "know" them, we think they're the embodiment of #CoupleGoals. (Is it creepy to say we're obsessed?)


It didn't take long to "get" Harry and Meghan's relationship. They kept a low-profile at first, but once Meghan showed up at the Invictus Games as Harry's guest last year, it was on. Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton (whom we're equally obsessed with), Harry and Meghan have been super lovey-dovey in public, somewhat cheeky, and really open. (Their engagement interview was legendary! So cute!) Harry's always been a little less -- how do we say this? -- "royal" than his older brother, so it just makes sense that his relationship with Meghan seems so casual. 

From the time Harry unprecedentedly stood up for Meghan at the start of their relationship to all their super cute touchy-feely moments, here are 15 reasons Harry and Meg are relationship goals incarnate. It may have taken Harry a little while to find his person. But man, he did one hell of a job. Best. Couple. Ever. 

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