Prince Harry Steals Kate Middleton's Assistant So She Can Work for Meghan Markle

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All members of the royal family have their own entourage, and now that Meghan Markle is engaged to be married to Prince Harry, she needs her own people too. That's right -- the royals were hiring (and the jobs with them are aplenty). Working closely with Meghan may be one of the very best jobs anyone could ever get and it went to a royal insider, someone who really knows the ropes. Or really, someone who has worked very closely with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry for over a year. It seems Harry plucked Amy Pickerill from her role as senior communications officer for Kate (and co.) and hired her to be Meghan's personal assistant. 

  • Amy has already been spotted out and about with Meghan.

    meghan markle prince harry amy pickerill
    WNS/Splash News

    It's hard to see anyone else but Meghan and Harry in this photo, but take a look to the right of the photo. That's Amy with the blonde hair and stylish coat. 

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  • So what does a personal assistant for a royal do?

    meghan markle
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    The duties of Amy will now be helping Meghan with public relations, giving her briefings, and organizing her schedule. She's been trailing Meghan at recent outings, taking in surroundings, and helping to gather flowers and notes that people toss in the princess-to-be's direction. 

    The 32-year-old Londoner has a year's worth of experience with the royals, and before that she was with the Royal Bank of Scotland working in their public relations department for five years. 

  • We're guessing that Kate approves.

    kate middleton
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    So while one could technically think that Harry "stole" Amy from Kate to be Meghan's assistant, it's not quite so. Due to the close relationship Harry has with his sister-in-law, there was most likely a conversation on who would be the best person for the job. It's a testament to their trust and faith in their abilities of Amy.

    The royals are also hiring more people. A communications officer and communications assistant are currently needed and these roles are believed to be for Harry and Meghan. As the wedding date inches closer, they will need a strong public relations team. 

  • It's really a dream job.

    meghan markle
    WNS/Splash News

    To work with someone like Meghan seems like it would really be a dream job. She seems so kind and warm and does some incredible things. But it would also be a challenging job, one that requires a lot of skill. We're thrilled for Ms. Pickerill ... and maybe a little bit jealous.

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