Kylie Jenner Plans to Return to the Spotlight After She Gives Birth

Kylie Jenner

Rumored mom-to-be Kylie Jenner has been flying under the radar in a way that fans are actually really struggling to wrap their heads around. Her social media has been devoted almost exclusively to promos for her beauty products, and she hasn't gone anywhere paparazzi could catch a snap of her. But a source tells ET that the 20-year-old isn't swearing off of the spotlight for good. On the contrary, Kylie will be back in the public eye after she gives birth


"Kylie has been chilling at home for the most part and just living her best life," ET's source explained. "She has really enjoyed this time away from the spotlight. It’s the first time she can remember in her entire life not being followed by cameras and she’s just trying to enjoy this privacy." Completely fair.

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And as far as how she'll deal with Qs about welcoming her LO once she's back in front of cameras? "She's definitely not going to deny that she's had a baby, or continue to evade questions about it all," the source claims. "This isn’t a permanent thing. As soon as the baby is born, she will make an announcement and introduce the baby to her fans. She will also address the fact that she went 'dark' on social media and in the public."

Sounds pretty darn believable -- not to mention, understandable!

The source went on to tell ET that while laying low, Kylie has apparently been supporting Kim through the arrival of her third baby, whose name we learned on Friday, January 19, is Chicago West. And when the time comes for her to announce her own baby news, Kylie will take to Instagram.

The insider also emphasized what we've been hearing for a while now: Kylie's "very proud about becoming a mom, and is excited to take on that role as part of her identity. For now, she's just focusing on her privacy."

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"Yes, she will release a photo and yes, she will acknowledge the baby. She’s excited to continue to be her authentic self, and that will soon mean being a mother and sharing that with her fans,” the source noted.

Cheers to that. We can't wait for the Internet-shattering moment!

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