Justin Timberlake Confesses He Wants a Big Family Amid Rumors Jessica Biel Isn't on the Same Page

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
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Looks like someone's got baby fever! Justin Timberlake got candid about expanding his family with wife Jessica Biel, and it just might give you all the feels -- especially amidst recent rumors that the Hollywood pair are having issues, because they're not on the same page about baby number two.

  • Justin sat down with Beats 1 Radio to talk about music, life as a dad, and dreams of growing his family.

    "Parent talk, is that the plan, more?" Zane Lowe questions the Grammy winner during the Beats 1 Radio interview. "I mean, I wanna have as many as we can, if I'm being honest," Timberlake responds. Justin and Jessica are proud parents to their 2-year-old son Silas.

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    The celeb dad also touched on fatherhood and how becoming a dad changed his life. "I've never felt more inept my life," Timberlake tells Zane Lowe. He continues:

    "You wake up and all of a sudden there's this human being you're responsible for. Everybody tells you that your life is going to change and you're like, 'Whatever, I got it.' My wife and I -- when we have a night off and we get into bed and we sit down and watch a movie or something, we're like, 'What did we do before this? Did we go out to dinner? Were we at a bar? What did we do before this?' I feel like the success of parenthood is feeling like I failed all day today, but I get to wake up tomorrow and do it again … and hopefully they turn out to be a good human being."

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  • Aww, yay!

  • The "Sexy Back" dad also reveals what frustrates his wife, which is a common blunder so many men commit.

    "I mean, we don't have enough time for me to tell all of the things I'm sure frustrates her about me," Timberlake jokes. 

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    "I can tell you one small thing that I did that just popped up in my mind that definitely gets on her nerves about me: She'll ask me a question, and I'll be processing the answer to it, but it really comes across like I didn't pay attention to anything she just said. She's like, 'Did you hear what I just said?' Yes, I heard. I'm still reserving my yes or no."

  • You need to do better, JT. LOL.

  • JT's confession comes after recent reports speculated Jessica isn't ready to have another baby, which might be causing issues in their relationship.

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
    Jackson Lee / Splash News

    In Touch alleges there's trouble in their marriage that has the beloved couple seeking professional help. "Jessica wants to wait to have more children ... while Justin desperately wants another baby right now," a source claimed to the publication. "Justin seems miserable. Jessica feels that there's no rush [to have more kids]. And Justin feels like Jessica's changed their plans without notice."

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  • This isn't the first time Justin and Jessica made headlines about not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to baby number two.

    OK! reported last year Justin and Jess were in a "baby battle" as Jessica wants to focus on her career, and JT wants their 2-year-old son Silas to have a sibling sooner rather than later. GossipCop.com debunked last year's rumors, confirming the couple "are on the same page" with expanding their family -- which could suggest things are okay now.

  • Who the heck knows what's in store for this couple. All we know is that they seem happy and healthy, which is all that really matters.

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
    Jackson Lee / Splash News

    Things have a way of falling into place on their own.

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  • Check out Justin's interview with Beats 1 Radio here:

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