Amy & Matt Roloff Make a Rare Appearance Together & Fans Are Losing It

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

There's nothing like family to bring everyone together! Matt and Amy Roloff reunited to celebrate Jacob's birthday, and Little People, Big World fans are losing their minds. Seriously, how can you not love such a beautiful moment?

  • Matt took to social media to share the beautiful family moments in honor of son Jacob's 21st birthday.

    "Amy and I putting the [grandbabies] in front and center at Jacobs 21st birthday party night. Happy 21st bday to the one and only original 'baby J,'" the reality dad writes on social media. "Jacob George Roloff is our Pride ... and always been Amy and mine youngest Joy .... as my dad and mom Always said about me ... we honor Matt for having a mind of his own and speaking his mind and owning his own unique perspective when he wants ... I love my parents for allowing and encouraging me to do that."

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  • "Amy and I do that with our kids ... they all get to be the people they want to be ... we are proud of them all ... and the men and women they have each chosen as their life partners," he writes on Facebook and Instagram.

    "Izzy. You are a star !!!" he continues, referring to Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel Rock. "[I'm] not going to repeat my toast from tonight cause is made me cry... but I will say it again... I'm very proud of my youngest son Jacob George ... God bless Your family .... the Roloff family ... and may God bless all the close families of the world that work together to hang together ..."

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  • As you probably guessed, Roloff fans are thrilled to see these two together -- looking so happy and united as a family.

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  • Contrary to fan speculation, Amy and Matt have an amicable relationship that focuses on what matters most: their family.

    Hopefully this helps settle theories -- especially ones from Little People, Big World fans who thought Amy threw Jacob a party without inviting Matt -- about the supposed crazy drama with this beloved clan.