Jim Bob Duggar Makes Fun of Jana's Single Status


Jim Bob Duggar has been known for having foot-in-mouth syndrome before, but what he recently said about Jana was beyond the pale. His eldest daughter recently turned 28, and instead of just wishing her a happy birthday, he felt the need to joke about her single status

  • Jana and her twin brother John-David turned 28 on January 12.

    Neither of them are married, but because Jana is female, people seem to care a heck of a lot more. Personally, we think the only one who should be worried about Jana's biological clock is Jana, but apparently Jim Bob didn't get the memo.

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  • Jim Bob wasn't in the states for Jana and JD's birthday, but he did reportedly acknowledge it to a crowd of fans.

    The Duggar patriarch was in Australia at an event organized by the Institute for Basic Life Principles in Kilsyth South Baptist Church in Victoria. According to reports, Jim Bob was caught on camera commenting about Jana's love life.

    "And Jana is -- actually, back in the US, it’s her birthday," he said, before adding the awkward, "Jana is 28 years old and still single, so she's still praying about the one." Um, OK. Thanks for that, Dad! Was there any reason to point out that she is the only one of her adult sisters who is not married with a baby or one on the way? She's said in the past that she would like to be married, so harping on it as another birthday comes and goes just seems mean.

  • Fans have been worried that Jana has been working too hard raising her siblings to find a husband.

    She's often been referred to as "Cinderella Duggar," because she's constantly seen on Counting On as well as the family's social media doing chores for her siblings. Of course she is an adult and free to leave home at any time, but that's easier said than done after being raised in a culture where women do not leave the "protection" of their father until he is replaced by a husband. 

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  • We just hope that if getting married is what Jana wants, then she finds her Prince Charming.

    And if she's really happy where she is -- well maybe Jim Bob could lay off the dad jokes about her not having made it to the altar yet. They're lame at best, mean at worst, and Jana seriously doesn't need to be reminded that she's single.