15 Then & Now Photos of Celebrities Rumored to Have Gotten Plastic Surgery

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Kendall Jenner Golden Globes 2018
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These days, people don't have to be celebrities to be conscious of their image. After all, even average Joes and Janes feel the need to look good for selfies. Thankfully, most non-famous people also have the help of a variety of filters -- and the option to snap and share photos or not. Celebrities, on the other hand, find themselves in front of TV or film cameras and paparazzi pretty much constantly. So, it's really no wonder that many of them have gone under the knife.


Or have gotten a variety of other cosmetic procedures.

It's also no wonder that so many deny -- or at least, do not outright admit -- having gotten work done, whether we're talking a little bit of Botox, fillers, lip injections, breast or butt implants, liposuction, a face lift, or the works! After all, Hollywood is all about creating illusions. Sure, plenty of stars have owned up to their decision to have plastic surgery, but others obviously feel it is their own business and have no problem keeping people buzzing. ("Did she or didn't she?") 

Really, given the outrageous, unrealistic beauty standards that we and celebrities especially are held to, can anyone really blame them for staying tight-lipped on the topic ... whether they've had a tummy tuck or the occasional injectable? 

Here, 15 celebrities who've been accused of having plastic surgery -- but have either remained mum on the topic or denied it outright.

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