30 Celebrities Who Made Wet Hair Look Glamorous

Kayla Boyd | Jan 18, 2018 Celebrities
30 Celebrities Who Made Wet Hair Look Glamorous
Image: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

kristen bell
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

A common trend that has been seen on just about every red carpet the past couple years has been wet hair. Yes, wet hair -- one of the most natural and effortless things to do to our hair is actually a popular celebrity hair trend. Of course these celebrities still have professionals and tons of products to help them achieve and maintain this look most of the time, but at the core of the hairstyle it's totally achievable for almost anyone. 

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Most people would assume that this look can be recreated with a ton of gel and hairspray, but according to some research done by Style Caster, a lot of celebrity hair stylists actually use Pomade for the perfect wet hair look. 

The wet hair trend has been worn by ladies with straight hair, curly hair, long hair, and short hair. It can be slicked back into a ponytail or a bun, or worn free and flowing like someone who just walked off the beach. 

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Here are 30 different celebrities who pulled off the wet hair trend -- whether they rocked actual wet hair or a stylized version of wet hair. Maybe they will influence others to try out this trend as well! 

Jackson Lee/Splash News

  • 1. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian
    Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Kim Kardashian is often seen rocking the wet hair trend. She wore this look at a Tom Ford fashion show in New York City. 

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  • 2. Nina Dobrev

    nina dobrev
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    Nina Dobrev arrived at an Emmy event with this wet hair look. Her short brown hair has a slight side part and a little flip at the ends. 

  • 3. Jennifer Garner

    jennifer garner
    Supreme/Splash News

    This is a more casual wet hair look. Jennifer Garner was reportedly on her way to church when this image was captured. 

  • 4. Khloe Kardashian


    Khloe Kardashian is another Kardashian sister who is up on the wet hair glam. This long, wavy look appears extra shiny next to her bomb highlight. 

  • 5. Zendaya

    Splash News

    Zendaya was at fashion week in Paris, France, when she wore this. All of her hair was slicked back so people could really see her gorgeous diamond statement earrings. 

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  • 6. Kristen Wiig

    kristen wiig
    Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

    Kristen Wiig walked the red carpet with this look for the opening of the 74th Venice Film Festival. Whatever products her hairstylists used definitely kept that shine on point! 

  • 7. Rihanna

    Splash News

    Of course the fashion queen herself Rihanna has successfully worn this look. The middle part and blunt cut of her hair look fantastic. 

  • 8. Ashley Graham


    Plus-sized super model Ashley Graham posted this gorgeous selfie on Instagram. Her natural wet hair looks effortlessly stunning. 

  • 9. Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell
    Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

    Kristen Bell attended the premiere of A Bad Moms Christmas while rocking this fierce hair look. It's perfectly in place and really looks great with that eye makeup! 

  • 10. Ciara

    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    Ciara went to the 2017 American Music Awards with this epic hair look. It appears so easygoing, but still totally hot!

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  • 11. Shay Mitchell


    Actress Shay Mitchell looks amazing with this pulled-back hairstyle. The hair totally complements her fabulous red lip and dazzling ear cuff. 

  • 12. Selena Gomez

    selena gomez
    Ana M Wiggins/Splash News

    Selena Gomez attended the Fashion Awards in London with her blonde wet hair look. It definitely caught everyone's attention. 

  • 13. Christina Milian

    Christina Milian
    PhamousFotos/Splash News

    Christina Milian was leaving a dance studio when this photo was taken (so she most likely did just take a shower). Her red locks look beautiful with their natural curly texture. 

  • 14. Lauren Jauregui

    Lauren Jauregui
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui looked very glam with her loose waves and shine. We are so here for this! 

  • 15. Heidi Klum

    heidi klum
    Felipe Ramales/Splash News

    Heidi Klum wore this bright blue suit while out and about in New York City. Her wet hair bun is a great complement to the outfit. 

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  • 16. Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox
    bestpix/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

    Courteney Cox was seen in Los Angeles on a casual day out. Her jeans and sweater outfit looks perfect with her natural wet hair.

  • 17. Gigi Hadid

    gigi hadid
    Said Elatab/Splash News

    Model Gigi Hadid had a section of her hair formed into a side-swoop. It makes this wet hairstyle look more unique and it goes great with her more neutral makeup look. 

  • 18. Elle Fanning

    elle fanning
    Felipe Ramales/Splash News

    Elle Fanning was captured walking around in NYC. Her hair looks like she may have just hopped out the shower, but she still looks great! 

  • 19. Jessica Biel

    Jessica Biel
    Splash News

    Jessica Biel looked very sophisticated with her pulled-back hair, pink lip, and gray plaid dress. We totally love it! 

  • 20. Kylie Jenner

    kylie jenner
    Splash News

    Kylie Jenner has rocked just about every hairstyle out there. This wet hair look features full bangs and has kind of an edgy vibe. 

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  • 21. Jenna Dewan Tatum

    jenna dewan tatum
    Splash News

    Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan Tatum arrived at the Word of Dance Event in Los Angeles with this fierce beauty look. Her sleek hair and red lip are stunning. 

  • 22. Sofia Richie


    Model Sofia Richie has her shoulder-length blonde locks in very pretty, shiny waves with a center part. It's a very sweet look to complement her patterned dress. 

  • 23. Jennifer Lopez

    jennifer lopez
    Janet Mayer/Splash News

    Jlo looked just as amazing as ever with her natural wet hair. She was shooting a rain scene for her film The Breakup Plan

  • 24. Vanessa Hudgens

    Vanessa Hudgens
    Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

    Vanessa Hudgens arrived at the People's Choice Awards in 2016 with this awesome beauty look. Her hair has the appearance of being damp while looking effortlessly pulled back. 

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  • 25. Mary-Kate Olsen

    Mary-Kate Olsen
    RobO/Splash News

    Mary-Kate Olsen is rocking a middle part with all of her hair pulled to one side. It's a cute look with her dress and accessories. 

  • 26. Rita Ora

    rita ora
    Sharpshooter Images/Splash News

    While out and about in NYC, Rita Ora looked super stylish in her white suit and sleek hair. This is another hairstyle that appears wet on top. 

  • 27. Lucy Fry

    lucy fry
    Nate Beckett/Splash News

    Australian actress Lucy Fry arrived to the Netflix Bright US premiere with her hair in the popular slicked-back style. It's a great way to show off that gorgeous jewelry. 

  • 28. Hailee Steinfeld

    Hailee Steinfeld
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    Hailee Steinfeld wore this wet look at the 2017 American Music Awards. It looks very effortlessly chic. 

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  • 29. Millie Bobby Brown

    millie bobby brown
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown attended the 69th Emmy Awards last year with her hair in a tight, slicked-back bun. Smooth, shiny, and perfectly in place. 

  • 30. Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie
    @Parisa/Spalsh News

    Nicole Richie wore almost all of her hair slicked back with a little bit hanging loose on top. This is another unique take on the pulled-back wet hair look. 

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