Meghan Markle's Multiple Rings May Have a Secret Meaning

Zak Hussein/Splash News

Zak Hussein/Splash News

We knew she was just as much a fashionista as Kate Middleton, but it turns out that Meghan Markle's multiple rings may actually have a deeper meaning than just being statement pieces. Prince Harry's bride-to-be wears gold rings on three fingers on her right hand, and according to experts, it's for a reason. 

  • We've been pretty fixated on Meghan's engagement ring lately.

    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    As we should be. That thing is stunning! And has so much meaning, as Harry designed it himself, and each diamond is special. The center stone is from Botswana, a country that Harry adores, and where the spent their first trip as a couple together. The side stones belonged to Princess Diana, Harry's adored mother.

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  • During her first public appearance of the year yesterday, the American beauty wore three gold rings on her right hand.

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    They seemed like they were oddly placed, on her right thumb, index finger, and ring finger. She hasn't explained why she chose to wear them that way (oh ho we wish she still had a Twitter account where she could explain such things!), but according to palmists, they may give some indication to her personality.

  • Sources say that people who wear a ring on their index finger are "ambitious" and include a "freshly appointed king, queen or CEO."

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    The Daily Mail did their research and figured out that "people who typically wear a ring on their index finger include a freshly appointed king, queen or CEO or a celebrity with millions of fans who is ambitious."

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    They also pointed out that wearing a ring on ones thumb points to "motivation, control, and aggression," but other than the motivation bit, we're not really seeing it. We think one of the reasons Harry is so in love with Meghan is that she's so laid back. They also said that according to "spiritualist interpretation," thumb ring wearers include "the girl who is the leader of her pack of friends" and "the controlling wife who loves bossing her husband and kids around."

  • On the other hand (literally) ... maybe she just likes rings.

    Sometimes a girl just likes to accessorize after all. Nothing wrong with that. Now if she ditches that gorgeous engagement ring while out in public -- we'll have something to say about the possible meaning of that.