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  • They never announced a due date, which led people to wildly speculate on the pregnancy math ...

    ... especially considering that Joy-Anna admitted that they broke certain "courtship rules" while they were dating. Granted, she was talking about possible hand-holding, and not actually doing the deed, but still. It makes people wonder. 

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  • But Internet sleuths have found Joy-Anna's baby registry, and it puts her in the clear.

    According to Joy-Anna's Amazon baby registry, she's due February 22. That puts her conception date around the first day of June, right when she and Austin were on their honeymoon. Seems like they had a really good time, if you ask us. Just saying.

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  • Can we just let them live though?

    In the grand scheme of things, does it really even matter if they broke the religious rules they were raised with and got it on before their wedding? They'd hardly be the first people to do so. At the end of the day, they are married, seemingly happy, and expecting a baby. That's all that really matters. Shotgun wedding or not.