Jacob Roloff's Girlfriend May Have Just Low-Key Addressed Those Baby Rumors

isabel and jacob

When you're part of a famous reality family, even tangentially, you're going to be subject to getting processed through the rumor mill. That reality is not lost on Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, who were both recently the last victims of gossip over the holiday season.  

  • Amy Roloff, Jacob's mom and star of the reality show "Little People, Big World," recently shared a photo of some of her family that got people talking.

    In captioning the sweet family pic, Amy mused about beautiful "new beginnings" and showed Isabel holding a "mystery baby" alongside Amy's other grandchild baby Jackson. 

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  • Eagle-eyed fans immediately assumed the tiniest baby Isabel was holding was actually hers.

  • But it seems in the comment section of Amy's recent post celebrating Jacob's 21st birthday, Isabel herself took jabs at the unwarranted baby rumors.

    baby news

    In the photo, Amy boasts about how lucky she is to get to spend time with all her kids and grandkids at once, and a couple who is notably not part of her immediate family is pictured.

  • Folks immediately began questioning who the unknown couple in the photo were.

  • The couple featured are family friends, and are apparently the owners of the "mystery baby" pictured weeks earlier-- as Isabel jokingly tagged them in her comment below.

  • So as far as we're concerned, the case of the mysterious extra baby has been SOLVED.

    Case. Closed.