Fans Are Pissed Amy Roloff Threw a 21st Birthday Party for Son Jacob & Didn't Invite Matt

jacob and amy

Ready the pitchforks, y'all, because another sweet Roloff family photo is under major fire from "fans" of the family. 

  • On January 8, the Roloff matriarch took to Instagram to share this sweet photo of all her kids celebrating her youngest son's 21st birthday.

    The Little People, Big World star emphatically captioned the adorable photo:

    "This gathering happened the other day, all of my kids were at the Farm house to celebrate Jacobs 21st birthday early. What a fun and blessed time being all together! Of course this momma and grandma was happy and loved it!"

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  • Tons of longtime fans were totally swooning over the photo, and seemed genuinely happy Amy was able to enjoy time with her family this way.


    That is, until people took notice that Amy's ex-husband Matt Roloff was nowhere to be found. 

  • People passive-aggressively questioned Amy on her ex's whereabouts.

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  • roloff

    Perhaps they aren't on social terms like that? Sheesh, people. 

  • roloff

  • Take a breath, friend. 

  • At least a few people jumped to Amy's defense, reminding everyone that they are ARE in fact a divorced couple and did so in order to lead separate lives.

    roloff comment.
  • And they even reminded critics that the kids do their best to split time with their parents.

    roloff comment
  • How about we just let this famous family celebrate their lives as they see fit? Hmm?