16 Times Queen Elizabeth & Princess Charlotte Were Twins

16 Times Queen Elizabeth & Princess Charlotte Were Twins
Image: WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images; Retropix/Splash News

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WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images; Retropix/Splash News

It's been said on more than one occasion that Princess Charlotte resembles her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. But the two have more than their royal genes in common. Just like her great-gran, Princess Charlotte has consistently proved her love of classic British clothes that harken back to another time. (Or, more likely, this is just what Kate Middleton picks out for her daughter.) There may be many years between the two of them, but Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte are actually secret style twins. And it's adorable. 

When one sees photos of Queen Elizabeth from back in the day, it's hard to ignore Princess Charlotte's resemblance to her. And now, the older Charlotte is getting, the more we see a connection between the two. Of course, it's not just their physical appearances that make us think Elizabeth and Charlotte are linked on a deeper level, it's their sartorial choices. 

While it's a little silly to say that Princess Charlotte has "style" at just 2 years old -- well, she does. Of course, she's not the one picking out her own clothes, but the dresses and sweaters she's often seen in remind us of the Queen. Even the colors Charlotte tends to wear are similar to those of her great-grandmother! (Shout out to the duchess for making that happen.) And surely, Queen Elizabeth secretly loves it. 

Whether it's through their looks or their clothes, here are 16 times Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth were twinning. Some things really do run in the family. 

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