Ryan Reynolds Is Still Confused About Which Kardashians Are Pregnant

ryan reynolds
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It seems like for the last few months pretty much everyone has been invested in the Kardashian baby boom -- even Ryan Reynolds. With Kim Kardashian expecting her third child via surrogate, Khloe Kardashian officially six months along with her first child, and Kylie Jenner reportedly expecting her first (although she has yet to confirm), we don't blame Ryan for being a little confused.  


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On Tuesday, the Deadpool actor asked his Twitter followers for some insight. Apparently he isn't so good at keeping up with the Kardashians. 


We're not sure what's more comical, the fact that Ryan is so invested in the Kardashians or the fact that he's having this debate with his priest.

The responses to his tweet varied from people saying "All of them" to "No one cares." But, to help him out, we know for sure that Kim and Khloe will soon have babies, Kylie most likely is expecting, and Kendall and Kourtney are definitely not pregnant (they've both publicly denied any rumors saying they are). 

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Now, if Kylie can just confirm her pregnancy then we can all have a clear mind! I guess, until someone else gets pregnant and hides it for months.

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