Anna Duggar's Latest Family Picture Has Fans All Riled Up


We can't help but feel for Anna Duggar. The poor woman has been through so much in the past few years, ever since her husband Josh's multiple sex scandals in 2015. She made the painful decision to stay with him, which has clearly angered a lot of fans. In fact, Anna can't even post a Christmas photo of her family without getting hate for her decision. 

  • The "Counting On" star posted this sweet family photo on Christmas Day.

    She has remained largely quiet on social media since Josh admitted to cheating on her and went to rehab for seven months for alleged sex addiction, but she shared this and added the caption, "Merry CHRISTmas!"

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  • She also added this one of her two youngest, Meredith and Mason.

    Fans were taken aback last year when Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting number five, but in for a penny, in for a pound, right? In other words, if Anna made the decision to forgive Josh and move forward with their family intact, then that's going to involve more babies in their religious culture. The couple welcomed little Mason in September, and he's just as cute as his siblings.

  • Anna did get a lot of well wishes on her Twitter post, but she also got a lot of hate, and people questioning her faith.

    Anna has been very open on Counting On and in her infrequent social media posts about the redemptive power of God's love, and how she has felt led to show that through her devotion to her marriage.

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  • Even people who don't want to bash Anna couldn't help but say something about Josh.

    So long as it doesn't inconvenience Anna or the kids in the process, we're sure. 

  • And of course some people went right to Anna.

    Obviously we can't know exactly what goes on in Josh and Anna's home, but she has made the decision to move forward with him. She doesn't deserve to have her choice constantly questioned, and she certainly doesn't deserve to be called a bad or negligent mother. 

    Anna is doing the best she can, just like the rest of us. After everything she'd been through, maybe we cut her some slack.