22 Times Kate Middleton Was Seriously Over Being Pregnant

22 Times Kate Middleton Was Seriously Over Being Pregnant
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

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James Whatling/Splash News

She may have access to luxurious amenities most moms can only dream of, but it's hard to deny it: Kate Middleton kind of looks like she's over being pregnant. Sure, she's probably had prenatal massages ad nauseam, but with two little ones at home already, who could blame the duchess for being metaphorically done with gestating for the third time now? And let's not forget the horrid morning sickness Kate dealt with again this go. Can a future queen catch a break?! There's not much longer to go (she's reportedly due in April), but man, sometimes we just feel for Kate. 

Hang in there, girl. Only a few more months (!).

She manages to put on a smile — and heels! — every time she's in public, but we can see it. Kate's over being pregnant. And we're standing in solidarity with her over this. (Imagine having to get gussied up for hundreds of thousands of people weekly while pregnant? No thanks. Pass the sweatpants and Netflix.)

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From what we hear, Kate's feeling pretty good these days (compared with her hellish first trimester), but that doesn't necessarily mean she's basking in the glow of pregnancy currently. Sure, she always looks amazing, but we can't shake the feeling that she's ready to be done already. 

We've got Kate's back. Being pregnant with a 4- and 2-year-old at home does not sounds like a walk in the park. Even for a royal. 

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