Brad Pitt Reportedly Got Plastic Surgery Because Divorce Took a 'Toll on His Looks'

Brad Pitt
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Did one of the world's sexiest men alive go under the knife? Outlets are reporting that Brad Pitt underwent plastic surgery in response to his split from Angelina Jolie that leaves us completely dumbfounded ... that anyone would think it's actually true.

  • Some speculate Brad indulged in plastic surgery months ago, and has surgeons weighing in on the possible work he might've had done.

    Brad Pitt
    Splash News
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  • "His forehead looks smoother, so most likely he got Botox," Dr. Steve Fallek, a NJ plastic surgeon, told 'Life & Style.'

    Brad Pitt
    Michael Murdock/Splash News

    "He also looks to have had some filler in the cheeks and around the mouth to improve those lines, a laser or peel to improve skin texture, and maybe some filler in the lower eye area," the doctor adds.

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    An unnamed Pitt source reportedly told the magazine "he went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon this year and got fillers and Botox and some eye work," reports.

  • This isn't the first time these rumors surfaced as outlets reported last spring that Brad felt his divorce "has taken a toll on his looks," prompting alleged talks about plastic surgery.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    "Brad thinks the divorce has taken a toll on his looks," an insider claimed to Life & Style, OK! magazine reports. "He's at an age where he can't get away with not sleeping or eating the way he could when he was younger. He doesn't want to do anything drastic. Brad just wants to make sure he looks his absolute best for this next movie role."

  • Obviously, these rumors sound far-fetched ... to say the least.

    Brad is a 54-year-old man who's still fine as hell. If anything, folks need to chalk up his ability to "age with grace" as good genes instead of heading to the surgeon's office.

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    Plus, we don't exactly see this dad altering his face because of his breakup with Angie. 

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