Prince Harry Made Barack Obama Choose His Favorite Kardashian & He Gave the Best Response

prince harry barack obama
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Sometimes there are bromances so magical it's hard to believe they're real, and the one that blossomed between former president Barack Obama and Prince Harry is the stuff of legend. Like any common BFFs you know, Harry and Barack enjoy taking playful digs at one another, and did so beautifully during their sit down interview on BBC 4's Today show on Wednesday, December 27.

  • Prince Harry asked his buddy some pretty "tough" questions where Barack was forced to choose between two options.

    Handout / Reuters / Splash

    Harry threw rapid fire options at him like if he preferred the White House over Buckingham  Palace, to which the former president emphatically replied:

    "White House, just because Buckingham Palace looks like it would take a really long time to mow. Lot of up keep." 

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  • He even asked Barack if he preferred "The Good Wife" or Harry's fiance's show "Suits."

    James Whatling / Splash News

    Barack of course chose Suits, which Harry assured him was the "good answer."

  • But perhaps out favorite question was when Harry forced him to choose his favorite Kardashian: Kim or Khloe?

  • Like a true diplomat, Barack said he'd "defer" on that one -- but only because he has met both sisters in person. Kim and Kayne met the Barack in 2015 (pictures above) and Khloe with her then husband Lamar Odom after Odom's team's 2009 NBA championship.

    But that doesn't mean Barack was afraid to ruffle feathers. When Harry asked him to choose between himself or his brother Willian, the former president quickly quipped "William right now."

    Well, at least we know who won one sibling rivalry.