Prince Harry's Words About Meghan Markle's Christmas With the Family Give Us All the Feels

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We've all been wondering how Meghan Markle fared during her first Christmas with her groom-to-be's family. And based on a new interview Prince Harry did on BBC's Radio 4 Today show, it sounds like things couldn't possibly have gone any better. 

  • When asked about how Meghan enjoyed the day, Harry was very enthusiastic.

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    He started off by saying, "It was fantasic! She really enjoyed it." He then went on to add, "The family loved having her there. I think, together, we had an amazing time."

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  • Isn't that wonderful to hear? Just look how happy Meghan is in this pic with her new in-laws.

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    Of course, anyone would be thrilled to be hanging out with Will and Kate, but Meghan really does look at ease -- and almost like she's been part of the fam for quite some time. 

  • And while Prince George and Princess Charlotte didn't accompany their parents to the church service this year, it sounds like the day still revolved around them.

    Pool/Reuters/Splash News

    Harry said, "We had great fun running around with the kids. Christmas was fantastic!"

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  • But perhaps the most heartwarming comment Harry made was in reference to just how well Meghan fits in with the crew.

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    Harry said, "She's done an absolutely amazing job. She's getting in there and it's the family that I suppose she's never had."

    Legit. Fairytale. 

  • Here's more of Harry's interview with BBC.

    Maybe we should just go ahead and deem 2018 the "year of Harry?" It's about time he snagged the spotlight -- and he clearly has the perfect woman at his side to share it with.