Matt Roloff Accused of 'Defying Family Values' for Including Girlfriend Caryn in Family Pic & Not Amy

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

The holidays are known to bring people together in the name of faith, family, and fun that often results in a lovable photo or two. But if you happen to be a Roloff, such a sight may only stir up a "bah humbug"  as some people simply cannot let go of the past. Matt Roloff's Christmas family photos has some Little People, Big World fans livid the reality dad included his longtime girlfriend, and go as far to call her a "fake grandma." (Ouch.)

  • Matt took to social media to share intimate snaps of the wonderful Christmas he spent with his family and lady love.

    "Our Christmas has been amazing so far ... after being a bit out of the full Christmas spirit the past few years ..." the dad of four writes in his Facebook post. "This Christmas brought on a full new meaning with the Roloff family expansion of our 2 new precious gifts of life ... my new grandchildren Jackson and Ember are the biggest blessing one little man can ever have!"

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    "First, we had a lively family celebration a few nights ago at my house with several of my close friends, Caryn and of course the grandkids ... (they filmed that so you all can share that with us in a ‘few long’ weeks) ... then I went to Christmas Eve service with my dear friends Bill and Char last night ... then a visit with Jer, Auj and the always smiling Ember Jean. Later last night Caryn, her daughter and some of my friends dropped in for a Christmas Eve Fondue party and some wonderful Christmas time together.

    This morning I woke up to the Merry Christmas wishes from (Jacob traveling in Iceland), my folks in California, Molly and Joel -- FaceTime me from Spokane, Amy sent me a wonderful cheerful Christmas blessing from her house .... and then the grand babies arrived to open the gifts under my tree ... how fun to celebrate Christ birth for the very first time with these two bundles of pure joy. I am truly blessed!"
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  • The Roloff patriarch's well-wishes -- especially to those who feel alone this time of year -- truly resonated with fans.

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  • Many took time to wish Matt a merry Christmas and reiterated how loved he is.

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  • And how nice it was for Amy to send her ex-husband something for the holidays.

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  • But all of that good cheer went straight out the window the moment Matt shared a family photo that included girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

    "This is the photo I should have used in my last post," Matt mentions in a follow-up Facebook post. "Merry Christmas."

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  • People are pissed Matt's girlfriend earned a spot in *his* family snap.

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  • And go as far to say the celeb dad is "defying family values" by replacing Amy with a "fake grandma."

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  • Seeing as Amy didn't catch that much heat for her Christmas photo with boyfriend Chris, the time has come for those opposed to Matt's love life to let it go.

    Three cheers for positive and loving comments!

  • Seriously, y'all need to move on.

    Both Chris and Amy are living their best lives with different people. Yes, their relationship didn't work out, but that doesn't mean they don't have a shot at their happily ever after -- or need to stay together to appease those still stuck in the past. 

    Focus on your relationship, and let them live out theirs.