Kylie Jenner Is Still Missing From the Kardashian Christmas Card

Kylie Jenner
All Access Photo / Splash News

Ever since December 1, the KarJenner crew has been teasing their annual Kardashian holiday card on social media. Every day this month, Kardashian fans and followers have been treated to glossy shots featuring most of the family members ... sans rumored mom-to-be Kylie Jenner. And of course that has tongues wagging that tomorrow's grand finale shot will obviously include Kylie and her bump, right? 


The most recent shot, posted today, includes almost everyone -- with the exception of Reign Disick and notoriously media-shy bro Rob. There's Kim, now-confirmed expectant mama Khloe, Kris, Kendall, kiddos galore, and Grandma MJ! But no Kylie... 

Kardashian christmas card

It's just not possible that she would have bowed out from the card completely, right? At least plenty of fans can't wrap their head around that possibility -- and are instead choosing to go with the thinking that she's going to make her big announcement tomorrow. 



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Then again, she could pull a Rob and end up fully absent from the card ... Given how private she's been the past few months -- as the buzz over her pregnancy has only reached a fever pitch -- it shouldn't strike fans as that big of a surprise if it turns out that she bowed out completely. If she didn't though ... and the final Kardashian card post will include Kylie's big announcement, fans will certainly have a very merry Christmas Day indeed!

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