Duggar Fans Think There's Something 'Wrong' With 9-Year-Old Jordyn's Birthday Video


Talk about awkward! Jordyn-Grace Duggar just turned 9 years old, and in typical Duggar fashion, the family posted a birthday video on social media to wish her well. Except ... there seemed to be something off about this video -- the poor little girl just looked so darn uncomfortable as she stood in between her parents. 

  • Jim Bob, Michelle, and most of the Duggar crew got together to wish Jordyn a happy birthday.

    In the video, Michelle talked about how they found the perfect birthday dress at a thrift store, and how they were having Jordyn's choice for dinner -- sweet potato fries and vegetables. But what fans seemed to notice most was the awkward way the new 9-year-old was holding herself, and even flinching when her parents touched her. 

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  • Fans noticed that Jordyn looked totally uncomfortable during the whole ordeal.

    She even seemed to flinch a bit when Jim Bob touched her, and she looked especially ill-at-ease when he leaned in to kiss her forehead. 

  • Awkward.

  • Some people didn't think it was abuse necessarily, but definitely some sort of neglect on her parents' part.

    Or you know, maybe they could have just decided not to share the video at all. It's obvious Jordyn doesn't like all the attention on her for whatever reason ... why not respect that about her and keep her birthday celebration a private family affair?

  • Another person offered a potential explanation for Jordyn's uncomfortable response to the attention.

    We highly doubt this is the case, but if she really has displayed symptoms of autism, we just hope that Jim Bob and Michelle have gotten her the help she needs. Given that we've literally watched this sweet girl grow up on TLC, and have never seen any other indications of autism, we're not really buying this one as a plausible explanation.

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  • At last someone asked the most important question of all.

    And isn't anyone going to get this child a chocolate mess while they're at it? After all, it would hardly be a Duggar birthday without one.