Duggar Fans Seriously Cannot Get Over Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo's Childless State


People just cannot believe that Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo isn't pregnant yet! Jinge and her husband Jeremy filmed a quick video to congratulate her brother and sister-in-law on their exciting baby news, but people just wanted to know when the Vuolos will be having their own.

  • The couple took a break from the getaway at Magnolia to record a sweet message for Joe and Kendra, who announced they were expecting earlier this week.

    "Congratulations Joe and Kendra, we are so excited for you guys," Jinger said, while Jeremy added, "We cannot wait to meet the little one. We're so grateful to God for giving you a little baby so soon. We love you guys and hope to see you soon."

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  • The questions about Jinger and Jeremy's fertility started almost immediately.

    Jinger has had two siblings marry after her, and they're both expecting. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth are due in February with their little one. Jinge is the only child of Michelle and Jim Bob so far who has not announced a pregnancy within months of tying the knot. 

  • Someone offered a possible explanation as to why they haven't procreated yet.

    That doesn't explain why her sisters Jill, Jessa, or Joy basically all got pregnant on their honeymoons, but then again, Jinger has always been deemed the rebellious one of the family ... 

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  • But mostly people just really, really want answers as to why these two aren't pregnant yet.

    Honestly, it could be anything from infertility to birth control to lack of hitting her cycle in just the right spot. They've only been married a year, people. Let them live already.

  • We're sure Jinge loves the constant speculation on the contents of her womb.