Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Lookalikes Freak Out Christmas Shoppers

Neil Warner/Splash News

Neil Warner/Splash News

Some Brits got quite the surprise last week while out Christmas shopping. It seems as though "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle" were doing a bit of shopping on their own at the Wimbledon branch of Wilko. However, it turns out that it wasn't the royal couple at all, but a pair of professional lookalikes who stepped out in the British home goods store. 

  • We have to say, we would've been fooled too!

    These guys look just like Prince Harry and his fiancée. They were wearing a casual look that the couple has been photographed in before, and if it were us, we would've been snapping selfies of them and texting all our friends about our brush with royalty. 

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  • Here's the real couple back in September at Harry's Invictus Games in Toronto.

    Splash News

    Don't expect to be seeing much of the real couple out and about in public soon, as Meghan is reportedly spending her last few months as a commoner traveling and visiting with family and friends. Once she marries Prince Harry on May 29, she won't be able to enjoy the same freedom as an official royal as she does now. 

  • The "couple" reportedly even bought gifts for members of the royal family.

    According to Yahoo!, the doppelgangers bought a castle building set for Prince George, and a wand and tiara for Princess Charlotte. A "brother" mug was chosen for Prince William, and Kate got a beauty set and prenatal vitamins. Queen Elizabeth apparently got a luxury bath and body set and glass tumblers. The duo had fans laughing as well when they picked up a roasting pan -- probably to recreate that engagement chicken dinner. 

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  • We don't know how often this faux Harry and Meghan will be popping up, but we seriously can't wait for more of the real thing.

    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    They are just too perfect together. Given how much they are each invested in humanitarian efforts, we have no doubt we'll be seeing them often. Probably in a more charitable capacity than shopping though.