Michelle Duggar's Latest Photo With Her Kids Brings Out the Haters


People love to hate on the Duggars. Even when the family posts super cute pictures of them doing fun activities and spending time together, people are going to find a way to say something mean. Take for example, a recent photo Michelle posted to Instagram of her making dinner with two of her daughters.

  • Michelle posted this selfie, which included her youngest daughters, Jordyn-Grace and Josie.

    She captioned it, "Making Chicken and Dumplings with Momma! Love time with my little girls!!." Pretty innocent, right? Wrong. 

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  • One commenter immediately attacked Michelle for teaching her daughters kitchen skills.

    The Duggars have taken a lot of flack over the years for their old-fashioned family values, that include raising daughters to know how to take care of a home. We kind of feel like all children should be raised to help out in the kitchen, and honestly, we've seen enough of the show to know that the boys help out with household chores too. 

  • But still, people insisted that Michelle and Jim Bob are basically stealing their kids' childhoods.

    God forbid any of us ever have our eager young children grab a stool and help out with making dinner. Those of us who actually have children know that having them "help" can usually end up making things harder (and messier), so God bless Michelle for being willing to make dinner with her young daughters. 

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  • And of course people had to get a pot-shot in at Jana, Michelle's 27-year-old stay-at-home daughter.

    Jana is the only girl of age in the Duggar household who is still unmarried, and she has often been referred to as Cinderella Duggar for her apparent willingness to help out at home so much. We don't know exactly why Jana has chosen to stay home with her parents instead of venturing out on her own, but she is a full-grown woman, capable of making her own decisions. Just let her live, for Pete's sake. 

    At the end of the day, this is a sweet photo of a mom and a couple of her kids helping out in the kitchen. It's cute. Put the hater-ade away and let them eat chicken and dumplings.