Audrey Roloff Admits to Issues in Her Marriage & Fans Say She's Too Young to Be 'So Serious'

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey Roloff/Facebook

This new mom is never afraid to get candid about her life, even if it means dealing with potential backlash. Audrey Roloff recently opened up about her marriage in an Instagram post that's been met with some not-so-nice comments, which makes you wonder why it's so hard for people to say something nice about this Little People, Big World star.

  • Audrey's playful photo shoot with Jeremy was intentional fun as the new mom admits they need to work on date night.

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  • "I wouldn't consider Jeremy and I to be silly," Audrey admits in her post. "We're far more inclined to spend the evening in a serious debate, working on new ideas for our ministries, or casting vision for our future."

    "Sometimes I think we need to schedule 'play dates' instead of 'date nights,'" the reality star confesses in her Instagram post. She continues:

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    "Our date nights often become work brainstorming sessions. If any of you married couples out there run businesses or ministries together, I’m sure you can relate. We try to set boundaries on date night - no bringing up big looming decisions, finances, work, you know ... the stuff grows the gray hairs But we fail. Sometimes I think we need to just lighten up. Read a novel instead of the news and self-help ... Watch a comedy instead of apologetics, mysteries, and documentaries .... Give each other our undivided attention, instead of constantly multitasking ... Maybe we just need to stop idolizing productivity and give ourselves permission to play. Maybe you need permission to play too? Who cares if it’s cheesy! Dress up in matching PJ’s, have a tickle fight, or suspend yourself in the air balancing on your husbands feet. Let’s not undermine the value of playfulness. And yes, my postpartum abs thanked me for this picture."

  • The celeb mom's admission is a breath of fresh air to some of her followers who also struggle with much-needed alone time.

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  • Others, however, are quick to point out Audrey and Jeremy are "too young to be so serious"...

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  • (Good gracious.)

  • ... and that they aren't representing "real life" with these photos.

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    Um, why not show off fun pics with your man in your jammies?

  • One person must've pissed Audrey off -- likely poking fun at her marriage -- which had her fans sounding off.

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    The original comment was deleted, so yeah, Audrey probably wasn't having it.

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  • Once again, some of Audrey's "fans" cease to amaze.

    Just let this woman talk about her marriage in her PJs please.