15 Times We Didn't Envy Prince George & Princess Charlotte

15 Times We Didn't Envy Prince George & Princess Charlotte
Image: Zak Hussein/Splash News

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

Sure, they've got the kind of lives that most toddlers -- and adults -- dream of, but not everything about Prince George and Princess Charlotte's life is English roses. In fact, some of the rules they have to adhere to and engagements they have to attend sound downright miserable for 2- and 4-year-olds. No Paw Patrol and Goldfish crackers for these tots -- they're living that fancy toddler life. And if we're being honest here, it doesn't always look very fun. 

As George and Charlotte grow older, they'll come to realize the immense privilege with which they've be been blessed. But for now, their lives seem like kind of a pain to them sometimes. Imagine having to constantly appear before massive crowds in our Sunday best as a toddler. Or getting on a plane yet again when all of our friends are going to a birthday party. Or heck, having a zillion cameras pointed our way on our very first day of school. Not fun. 

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte are among some of the luckiest kids in the world, but for now, when they're still too little to understand, life can be a bit of a drag sometimes. And we feel for them. 

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Here are 15 times we didn't envy George or Charlotte. Hang in there, guys!

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