All the Details of Prince William & Kate Middleton's January Royal Tour

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New year, new tour. On Monday, Kensington Palace announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be going on a royal tour of Sweden and Norway at the end of January until the beginning of February. The last time the couple went on a royal tour together was when they visited Germany and Poland in July. Here's what we know about the duke and duchess's upcoming trip, which may be the last one for a while. 

  • The trip will last from January 30-February 2 and will probably be on the low-key side, being that Kate will be entering the beginning of her third trimester.

    This will be the first out-of-country trip for the duchess since she announced her pregnancy in the early fall. And again, it's likely to be her last for a while, as her due date is expected to be sometime in April. 

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  • As far as we know, Prince George and Princess Charlotte won't be accompanying their parents on this trip.

    princess charlotte tantrum
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    And let's be honest, it's probably just as well, as ain't nobody got time for public toddler tantrums when they're six months pregnant. 

    Hey, maybe Will and Kate are thinking of this trip as a sort of babymoon? You know, one last hurrah without the kids before baby number three arrives? 

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  • Originally, the duke and duchess were supposed to visit Sweden, Norway, and Finland in November, but at the time, the trip was postponed because Kate was suffering from severe morning sickness.

    kate middleton
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  • Recently, William headed off to Finland by himself to celebrate the centenary of the country's independence. Also, he met with Santa to personally deliver Prince George's Christmas list.

    George wants a police car, in case you're wondering. 

    "He hasn't written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK," William told Santa. "He's been a nice boy, a nice boy."

  • This tour will probably be one of last times we see Kate before she gives birth.

    kate middleton baby bump
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    But of course, let's not forget that we're sure to see her shortly after the baby arrives, at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May. But all anyone will want then is a glimpse of the little boy or girl.