Michelle Duggar Gets Major Criticism for a Throwback Photo of Jinger

duggar girls

Now that most of the Duggar kids are getting older, it's always fun to see photos of them when they were little. But a throwback photo the family just shared is getting them some serious backlash. Michelle is being slammed for a photo of little Jinger, and the mom-shaming is real.  

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  • It all started when Michelle shared this photo on Facebook on Tuesday:

    Seems pretty innocent, right? Just Jinger and Joe playing in the snow, right? Wrong. 

  • People were pissed that Jinger was playing in the snow in a dress, worried that she might have been too cold.

    Admittedly, a dress isn't the BEST outfit for a day in the snow, but it does look like she's covered. So at least there's that?

  • Plenty of people also rushed to let that commenter know she was wrong, so it definitely didn't seem like anyone was TOO outraged.

  • Obviously, the Duggars have never really let up on the dress-wearing rule, despite the weather, and Jinger did look happy in the photo.

    Plus, she grew up to be a healthy adult, and so did her other siblings, so Michelle must be doing something right. And now that Jinger is wearing jeans all the time, we don't doubt her own future kiddo will be fully dressed for whatever activity he or she is planning to do.