Derick Dillard Says Parents of Transgender Kids Are Guilty of 'Abuse'

derick and jill

Just in case Derick Dillard hasn't gotten in enough trouble lately, here he is, throwing flames onto the fire. In a recent Facebook post, Derek accused parents of transgender children of child abuse, and as you can imagine, the backlash hasn't been pretty. 

  • On Monday, Derek posted this video about parents who encourage their children to learn about their own gender identity.

    Of course, he wasn't sharing the video because he thought it was cool -- he was sharing it to call those parents out, as you can tell by the comment he wrote above it. Apparently one of his friends thinks the same way, and Derick just couldn't help but agree -- and some of the comments on Derek's post have been rough. 

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  • Although a few people did agree with Derick, many others had to tell him just how wrong he is ... like this comment referencing Josh Duggar's abuse.

  • Since this is such a hot button subject, people were definitely going to be passionate in the comments ... but they really took it to a personal level.

    Be warned, Derick: Your followers aren't holding back anymore. 

  • Most fans already know that Derick has a history of making these kind of comments, like this tweet about Jazz Jennings that landed him in seriously hot water:

    But for some reason, even though he's been kicked off of Counting On, he just keeps going.

  • We just hope Derick finds his filter soon. We would hate for this to hurt Jill in the long run, or to contribute to the cancellation of "Counting On."

    Can't we all just be kind to each other, despite our differences?