Meghan Markle Is Receiving 'Etiquette Training' by None Other Than Prince Harry

prince harry and meghan markle
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As we know, there is a lot that goes with being a royal. Since this world is all knew to Meghan Markle, she is going to be receiving some intense training on royal etiquette. And according to TMZ, Meghan's crash course will be taught by her fiancé, Prince Harry
  • Meghan reportedly has tons to learn, from curtsy rules to fashion rules.

    meghan markle
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    According to TMZ's royal expert Katie Nicholl, Meghan has to properly bend for certain royal family members. She also needs to know how to address dignitaries, learn the rules of royal fashion, know how to handle herself at State dinners, and learn royal etiquette at the table. 

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  • She will also reportedly not be able to take selfies with fans anymore.

    According to TMZ:

    "There are silly little no-no's Meghan needs to understand. We're told one thing that she'll have to lose is her love of selfies with fans. It's just not done."

  • With all of the things she will have to get use to, it's a good thing that Harry is going to be her teacher, since he has been around it his whole life.

    prince harry
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  • The report also states that Harry has been giving Meghan "homework" for months already, so he must have been pretty sure he was going to marry her.

    prince harry and meghan markle
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    We're sure Meghan will do a great job with her "princess training," and being taught by Harry will hopefully relieve some of the stress. 

    Good luck, Meg!