Kate Middleton Stunned in Princess Diana's Favorite Tiara at Lavish Holiday Party

kate middleton
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While Kate Middleton may be super down-to-earth and even a little sporty, sometimes a princess needs to get gussied up. And when those occasions arise, she has a serious jewelry collection to chose from. On Tuesday, Kate wore Princess Diana's favorite diamond tiara to the annual winter party at Buckingham Palace -- and not the least bit surprising, she slayed in it.  

  • William and Kate were seen arriving at Queen Elizabeth's annual lavish party that honors diplomats from more than 170 missions in the UK.

    kate middleton diana tiara
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    No clear shot of her dress yet, but as People reports, Kate wore the Queen Mary's Lover's Knot tiara (often also called the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara), which was one of Princess Diana's favorites. Complementing the sparkly look was a pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings and a diamond necklace.

    Sometimes, more is just more. 

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  • The tiara was -- obviously -- one of Diana's most beloved, so there's something extra-special about seeing Kate wear it.

  • The duchess wore the tiara to last year's event as well, pairing it with a red gown and equally dazzling earrings.

    Looks like it may be her favorite tiara, too.

  • In 2013, though, Kate mixed it up by rocking the stunning Lotus Flower tiara.

    kate middleton
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    Some people just look right with millions of dollars worth of diamonds sitting on top of their head, and Kate is one of those people. 

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  • It isn't every day that Kate has a tiara moment, but when she does, we're into it.

    When you're a future queen, why the eff not?