'The Crown' Actor Matt Smith Admits He 'Feels Sorry' for Meghan Markle

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Jen Lowery/Splash News

Although most people seem beyond excited that Prince Harry will be marrying actress Meghan Markle next year, a fellow actor has expressed some concern for her transition into the royal way of life. According to People, Matt Smith recently shared how he feels about Meghan's new life changes
  • Matt, who plays Prince Philip on the Netflix series "The Crown," recently said he "feels sorry" for Meghan.

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    During a talk at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Matt reportedly said:

    "I feel sorry for her. It's such a transition in her life, and it's such a huge thing to take on. Life as she knows it is gone. But hey, she's marrying the prince of Britain -- how exciting for her." 

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  • In the show, Matt's character also struggles with the transition into royalty after marrying Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • However, actress Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth II, believes that this more progressive time will make things better for Meghan than they would have been in the past.

    claire foy
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    Claire reportedly said at the same talk:

    "You realize the fact that Elizabeth forbade her sister from marrying a divorced man; it goes to show how time has changed and how they've had to evolve. And they really have. This would not have been conceivable, this would not have happened 50 years ago. And I think that's why the monarchy will survive and thrive, because it's willing to change and listen to the people and realize that some elements of the institution are outdated and unnecessary."

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  • Although her whole life is about to change, we're sure Meghan can handle it. She and Harry seem very happy, and we wish them all the best on their new adventure!

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    If you want to keep up with what's happening on The Crown, tune into season 2 on Netflix this Friday! 

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