Chris Pratt Made the First Move in Divorcing Anna Faris & Is Ready to Move On

Chris Pratt
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It's time to put a fork in these two, because they're officially done. Chris Pratt recently filed for divorce from Anna Faris after eight years of marriage. And unlike news of their split back in August, we're not bothered -- especially since Anna reportedly moved on with another man.

  • Chris officially filed the necessary paperwork to officially end his marriage with Anna on December 1.

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  • He's kept himself quite busy -- having fun at a football game and hosting 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' -- since the news broke.

  • But it looks like Chris isn't the only one ready to uncouple as Anna also got her documents in formation.

    Anna Faris
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    Outlets report Anna also filed for divorce shortly after Chris and is reportedly seeking both joint custody of their 5-year-old son Jack, along with child support.

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  • Anna reportedly started seeing someone else one month after she and Chris announced their separation.

    Michael Barrett with Anna Faris
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    A source told Life & Style Anna felt "isolated" by Chris because of his constant absence to work on films, with her career "taking a backseat."

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    Anna and her maybe cinematographer boyfriend Michael Barrett (the two are working on the Overboard remake) reportedly started hanging out in September and have been spotted around town and in Europe together.

  • Though this looks like the end of the line for Chris and Anna, reports their road to divorce has been "amicable" are heartwarming.

    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
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    "It's kind of a cliche these days for celebrities to claim that their divorce is 'amicable,' but in Chris and Anna's case it's really true," a source tells "They really want to remain friends, and although they're not in each other's pockets 24/7, they do speak fairly regularly, mainly about Jack, and they both genuinely want the other to be happy -- it's all very grown-up!"

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    "They wanted to agree on the terms of the divorce before filing, and their attorneys have been working for the past few months to agree on a mutually satisfying property settlement," the insider continues. "Luckily, they had a prenup in place which makes things a hell of a lot easier, and they both agreed joint custody of their son would be in his best interest, so there was no danger of some nasty drawn-out custody battle to get through."

  • Best of luck with the next chapter of your lives!

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