Meghan Markle Set to Receive Intense Training After Marrying Prince Harry

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There are royal specific things Meghan Markle will have to learn now that she is getting married to Prince Harry -- things that go beyond how to address the Queen and how she is expected to act in public. (Though we are sure Meghan will have no hiccups there, as she seems to be so well suited not just for Harry, but for princess duties.) We're talking about hostage training. Meghan will have to have military training so she can learn how to best protect herself from harm. Suddenly, becoming royalty seems a lot less glamorous.

  • The training is about one-week long.

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    The military training will be coming from the British Special Air Service and it focuses on hostage situations. While it sounds pretty scary, it's necessary and it's tailored to keep everyone safe. 

    The first thing she will learn is how to alert others if captured and how to escape. (It's doubtful Meghan re-enacted any of this in one of the Hallmark movies she starred in.)

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  • Prince Harry has a lot of military experience.

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    Aside from the prevention and hostage situation training Harry (and the other Royals) received for being born a Royal, the Prince also served in the British Royal Army for 10 years. Harry is a combat veteran, having completed two tours in Afghanistan. There is no doubt he saw and learned a lot -- and can share even more tips with Meghan.

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  • The techniques she will learn are fascinating.

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    Meghan isn't going to be sitting in a room with some stapled papers in front of her as she follows along with a teacher -- this training is intense. She will learn how to send distress signals if her captors put her on video. This includes the mastering of mirco-expressions, using key words, and various other perhaps classified signals so her family and the authorities will know details about her capture through these clues.

    See? Very intense.

    She'll also learn some psychology to deal with those holding her hostage. Plus, there will be a segment to teach her how to get out of restraints.  

  • It's all part of being Royal.

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    This training was something that Kate Middleton went through as did Princess Diana. It's something the royal kids will learn as they get older as well. It comes with being royal -- there are risks. 

    It was reported that this training may not included how to use weapons and combat, but that doesn't mean another session to learn those things may come at another time.

    Safety is key for everyone. We believe Meghan will take her training seriously, and will learn how to be best prepared in a bad situation. Of course, we hope she'll never have to use the skills she acquires.