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  • Enough is enough, though.

    It's 2017. Can we please be done with shaming women's bodies, regardless of their shape? Seriously, please. 

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  • Unfortunately, now that she's in the public eye so much, there's likely to be a lot more scrutiny and commenting to come.

    meghan markle
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    On the flip side though, Meghan seems incredibly smart, strong, and confident in who she is, so hopefully the chatter won't get to her too much. 

    And of course, let's not forget that at the end of the day, she's marrying a man who loves her for who she is -- and who happens to be a prince. 

    Guess if she's really upset, she'll figure out a way to get in touch with the trolls from Kensington Palace. Stay tuned, haters.