16 Times Kate Middleton Was Super Down-to-Earth

kate middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

She may travel the world, live in a castle, and be sitting on a little title known as "Queen of England," but at the end of the day, Kate Middleton is super down to earth. Sure, when we see her, she's all prim and proper, what with her knee-length dresses and curtsies, but that's not who the duchess is behind closed doors. At least, that's what we hear -- or, going off of a few photos, videos, and GIFs, see. Royals: They're just like us. Sort of. 


Being that she comes from "common" roots, it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that the duchess isn't all that posh and fancy at her core. Does she sit at home at night in a ratty old college T-shirt, watching Real Housewives and eating ice cream out of the pint? Doubtful. But it's just as unlikely that she's clad in a silk nightgown, reading Proust by candlelight. 

She certainly has always had a certain air about her (read: yes, she's fancier than the rest of us), but without a doubt, she's one of the most relatable royals out there. How many other princesses do their own grocery shopping or wipe drool off of their toddler's face with their bare hand and then wipe it onto their dress? Queen Elizabeth wouldn't dare! 

The introduction of Meghan Markle into the royal family may give Kate a run for her "down-to-earth" money, but for now, it's Kate's unstuffy nature that takes the cake in the royal family. It's no wonder everyone always thinks: I could totally be best friends with Kate.  

Here are 16 of Kate Middleton's most down-to-earth moments. 

Kate Middleton