Joy-Anna Duggar's Latest Selfie Has Fans Questioning Her Pregnancy


Joy-Anna (Duggar) and Auston Forsyth posted a new selfie over the weekend, so you know people are going to have opinions on how Joy looks. Especially on how pregnant she looks. Because everyone is obsessed with how far along she is, and whether or not she and Austin had a shotgun wedding last May.

  • Austin put his pilot's license to work over the weekend, flying himself, his wife, and his dad to an event in another state. It looked like a fun one too, since they captioned the snap, "Heading down to Mississippi for a wedding!"

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  • The photo cuts off above Joy's belly, but that didn't stop people from commenting on her maternity look.

    Well OK then. She doesn't even look pregnant? We can't even see a hint of her stomach in this photo, so to say she doesn't even look pregnant is just odd. If we had to guess about the angle of this photo, we'd be willing to bet that Joy is sick of people speculating just how far along she is.

    Ever since she shared her first baby bump photo at 14 weeks with her pregnancy announcement, there's been speculation that she and Austin got a jump-start on procreating, and were already pregnant on their wedding day. Joy has hinted that this is a honeymoon baby, but that hasn't stopped people from having their own opinions.

  • Some people think she's so far along that she shouldn't even be flying.

    On the other end of the spectrum from her not even looking pregnant, there are people who think she's so pregnant that she shouldn't be flying. If Joy got pregnant soon after their May wedding, she is right around seven months pregnant, well within the recommendation that pregnant women stay on the ground after 35 weeks.

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    The only reason she would be too pregnant to fly would be if she were actually much further along than she is letting on.
  • When questioned, the same commenter snarkily replied with her disbelief that Joy is only seven months.

    It's sad that so many people are actively hoping for "proof" that Joy-Anna and Austin engaged in premarital sex. Honestly, so what if they did? That's between them and God, not everyone who follows them on Instagram. Meanwhile, if she really is just showing large with her first pregnancy, it's not fun to hear over and over how big you look.

    Maybe we should all just stick to telling Joy-Anna she looks great.