Prince George & Princess Charlotte Will Be an Important Part of Uncle Harry's Wedding

pippa middleton wedding
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Not long after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, people started wondering how -- and if -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be involved in the wedding. Well, wonder no more, friends. George and Charlotte will be part of Harry and Meghan's wedding, and you can best believe they're going to steal the show -- which we're assuming Meghan is perfectly OK with.

  • When Meghan walks down the aisle at Windsor Castle this spring, George and Charlotte will be following her down the aisle as a pageboy and bridesmaid.

    A Kensington Palace spokesperson told the Sunday Times, "The wedding will be a family event. You can expect the family to be involved."

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  • Being that he'll be a little older, Prince George is likely to be on his best behavior at his uncle's wedding.

    At Pippa's wedding, the little prince got a stern scolding from his mother for acting cheeky and stepping on the train of his aunt's dress.  

  • In other wedding party news, "The Sun" is reporting that Prince William is expected to be Harry's best man, while it's unlikely Kate will be in the wedding.

    kate middleton
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    Royal expert Marlene Koenig told Harper's Bazaar that while Meghan and Kate have met, she probably won't be in the wedding. "She is the future queen consort when William becomes king after his father, and would unlikely be an attending person to another royal bride."

    Also, let's not forget that Kate will have just have had her third baby by the time the wedding rolls around, so she may be a little, you know, preoccupied.

  • So far, Harry and Meghan's wedding sounds like it's going to be an affair for the books.

    meghan markle
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    But we're not going to lie: Right now, we're most excited about seeing George and Charlotte walk down the aisle. And we'd be lying if we said we hoped George was on his best behavior. A little cheekiness never hurt a wedding.